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What We Do

Academic Material Support, Community Involvement, Eliminating Educational and Gender Disparities, Advocation of Women's Rights, Supporting the Under-served

What We Do

Sponsorship Program

How We Provide the Scholarship:

Project GEMS Trust is a program created to serve and aid girls from backgrounds or environments which are either completely devoid of educational opportunities or very susceptible. To ensure our donations and resources are utilized to the best intent, each student gains enrollment based on their family income, educational inaccessibility, social background and the childs’ aptitude. This process ensures that this comprehensive scholarship is given to children who not only are in high-risk categories, but who truly have the passion to learn.

Why the Educational Gap Exists

According to trends, the educational gender gap exists due to three issues:

  • Financial Struggle

  • Rural location

  • Stigma + Menstrual Health


How the Scholarship Addresses the Gender Education Gap

This scholarship was created to tackle each of these three primary issues, which prevent girls from obtaining educational opportunity. The scholarship pays for the students educational requirements which includes all of the following: tuition, transportation, school supplies (textbooks, school bags, stationary etc.), clothing and required uniforms, menstruation products and sanitary supplies. In addition to material support, we also host an after school program called Academic Support Center. Here, the students can gain additional support in mathematics, sciences and language. The center also hosts game nights, as well as workshops and seminars which discuss topics ranging from menstrual health, women empowerment, and career planning.




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