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Girls Education Movement

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Mission Statement

Girls Education Movement GEMS TRUST promotes education and women empowerment to underprivileged girls in India and the U.S. by combating stigma and working to eliminate gender disparities in academia.



We work relentlessly to promote primary and secondary education to young women in rural communities in Western India and the U.S. In doing so, we are able to rewrite the narrative that has confined these women and directly combat societal issues such as the dowry system and child marriage. According to the World Bank, Unicef, and United Nations, educating women can improve the world for us all. As more women seek higher education, there is a direct correlation with reduction of child and maternal mortality, improvement of child nutrition and health, and securing a more prosperous economy. It’s simple. When we invest in education, we invest in a better tomorrow and a brighter future

About Girls Education Movement

About Project GEMS TRUST

Our organization was created in response to the staggering deficits of education systems, which has led women to make up ⅔ of adults who are illiterate. We began to ignite a movement, to curate change and above all, pave a path to provide young girls an access to education. GEMS began its roots in India, where about 40% of adolescent girls do not attend school. This was a monstrous issue to tackle especially because these areas were so rurally located. Since our establishment, we have started a program in which we sponsor young girls in the villages in Gujarat. GEMS continues to grow to more and more villages, meeting more young girls with immeasurable potential and connecting with other like minded advocates to propel this movement even further.

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